How To Be a Paid Family Caregiver

Learn how to care for yourself while caring for your loved ones

Paid Care Assistant for Family Members

A paid caregiver, also known as a personal care assistant or PCA, is someone who performs individualized, one-on-one healthcare and daily task assistance for someone who is elderly, chronically sick, or disabled. What most people don’t know is that the process for becoming a qualified PCA is quite simple and anybody over 18 can sign up. That means, that if you have a family member, especially one who lives with you, who could benefit from having a personal caregiver, then you can be the one to provide care and get paid for it.


The Best Care Comes From A Loved One

You know your family better than anyone and are likely taking care of them and helping them around the house regardless. At A Better Life In Home Care, it’s our mission to inform everyone that you can be a paid caregiver for a family member — and a good one at that. When you work as a family caregiver through us, you get all of the tools, resources, and knowledge to succeed in your caregiving career. Not only will you be providing the best care to your loved one, but you’ll also receive a wage. Learn more about what it takes to be a family caregiver and if you fit the role by contacting us today.


Qualifying as a PCA

In order to become a qualified caregiver, there’s no need for medical school or even becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant. Instead, you’ll go through a short, yet informative, course regarding everything you need to know about basic and essential healthcare. Then, you’ll take a test on the material you learned and if you pass, you’ll receive a certification as a Personal Care Assistant. While the qualification process is quite quick and simple, A Better Life In Home Care will be with you every step of the way. Reach out to us to start your application today.


Getting Paid as a Family PCA

When working as a qualified PCA through us at A Better Life In Home Care, you are recognized as one of our employees. That means that there’s no need to worry about lost wages — you will get paid a regular and scheduled wage. Additionally, upon hire, you will be given a set amount of hours to work and provide care each week that you will be compensated for. We understand that for some, personal care could be a 24/7 deal, but unfortunately, we are required to set limits on our caregivers’ weekly hours in regards to pay. To learn more about our PCA wages, contact us.

Get Started as a Paid Family Caregiver

Does becoming a caregiver for a family member and getting paid to do so sound like a job you are interested in? Contact us at A Better Life In Home Care! For nearly a decade, we have been helping those in the Las Vegas area become certified as a PCA so that they can get paid to take care of their loved ones. Start the qualification process today by contacting us.

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