What Is a Personal Care Assistant?

One-on-one caregiving for the sick, disabled, and elderly

Personal Care Assistant Job Description

Personal Care Assistants (PCAs), often called caregivers or care aides, work closely, usually one-on-one with patients who are sick, disabled, or elderly. PCAs not only help with the patient’s healthcare needs, but they may also help with light chores around the house, especially if the patient physically cannot. With the baby boomer generation growing older, the PCA job industry is projected to boom, requiring more and more people to become a PCA to help out the elderly.


Responsibilities of a Personal Care Assistant

The duties of a PCA include keeping a close eye on and taking proper care of a sick, disabled, or elderly person. The condition of the person depends on what type of care you will provide. PCA care includes, but is not limited to, helping the patient take medications, prepare meals, do light cleaning around the house, assist with any hygiene activities including bathing and using the bathroom.


Where Personal Care Assistants Work

A PCA can commonly work with their patients in a hospital, nursing home, or at the patient’s own home. Some PCAs may offer live-in care, while others will only work and provide care during certain hours of the day.

  • At a hospital

  • In a nursing home

  • In the patient’s home

How Personal Care Assistants Are Qualified

In order to become a PCA and support a sick, disabled, or elderly person, you must complete a PCA training and exam. In most states, having a high school diploma will qualify you to attend the training and the exam. The qualification process is easy and goes by quickly, but in the end, you will have a mountain of healthcare information, and in some cases get hands-on experience, to utilize with your patients.


Who Can Be a PCA

As we mentioned above, usually only a high school education is required to be qualified as a PCA, meaning just about any adult can be a personal care assistant. With that, keep in mind that if you have a family member who is sick, disabled, or elderly, you can be their caregiver and get paid to do so. You can work as a family PCA and be employed by us at A Better Life In Home Care.

Be a Family PCA

Be a PCA with Help from A Better Life In Home Care

At A Better Life In Home Care, we are experienced professionals in the world of personal care. Our founders, are and have been in the past, personal care assistants of their own, meaning we have all of the right tools and knowledge to help you succeed in your career as a PCA. While we do provide care assistive services, we also like to spread the knowledge about family members working as PCAs. We think that the best care is done in the home and by a loved one, so we’d love to see you paid to continue doing the hard work you already are. To learn more about personal care assistants, the qualification process, or to hire a PCA, contact us at A Better Life In Home Care today.

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