Work as a Community PCA

Get certified and paid to care for a disabled or elderly member of the community

Take Care of Your Community

Do you have a big, kind heart and love taking care of others? At A Better Life In Home Care, we are dedicated to making a difference and providing in-home assistance to people with disabilities or who are elderly. If you’re looking for a job as a personal care assistant for members of your community, we will help you get qualified and you’ll be employed under us so you are guaranteed to make an actual wage.


Become Qualified as a Personal Care Assistant

In order to receive pay to take care of a disabled or elderly community member, you must first become qualified as a personal care assistant (PCA). The qualification process is quite simple, and you’ll find it informative as well. However, although it is simple, A Better Life In Home Care will be there to support you every step of the way. Learn more about the qualifications and requirements to become a PCA to see if you fit the role.


Support a Community Member with Disabilities

There are dozens of people within your community with disabilities who require extra, personalized support. Give them the one-on-one care they need and deserve by becoming a qualified PCA. During the PCA qualification process, you will learn a series of essential healthcare practices that will help you take proper care of your patient. Of course, if you ever need any additional support throughout your work as a PCA, know that A Better Life In Home Care will always be here to help. Our founders have been and currently are PCAs themselves, and we make it our mission to ensure that every PCA employed by us receives the job support they need.


Support an Elderly Community Member

In your community, there are plenty of senior citizens who require additional, more personalized support. Whether it’s in their own home or a nursing home, work as a PCA to help take care of your aging community members. Throughout your PCA qualification process, you will learn a ton of valuable skills for providing essential healthcare services to the elderly. But, if you ever need any additional help, reach out to A Better Life In Home Care at any time. We are here to assist you and can help figure out healthcare strategies or send an additional certified caregiver to help out.


Support a Family Member

Did you know that you can be paid to act as a personal caregiver for your own family members? That’s right, as long as your family member qualifies and you obtain your PCA certification, you can get paid to take care of your sick, disabled, or elderly family member. Working as a family PCA through A Better Life In Home Care works the same way as a community PCA, meaning you’ll be 100% qualified to give care and we’ll employ you. To learn more about becoming a paid PCA to support a family member, visit or contact us today.

Be a Paid PCA with A Better Life In Home Care

Here at A Better Life In Home Care, we make it possible for you to get paid to work as a personal care assistant for a member of your community in need. We help get people certified to act as PCAs and you will be securely employed under us. If you love taking care of others and you’re looking for work as a personal care assistant, reach out to us today. Contact A Better Life In Home Care if you have any questions about working as a community PCA or to get started with your PCA qualification process.

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